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Saturday, 4 January 2014

[PICTURES] POMP BEADS: Beads and Wire Jewelleries For all Seasons... at Their Enviable Best!

To those who can resist everything except temptation, here's one temptation you shouldn't think of resisting. Every month is the month for selling POMP Beads because everything sure looks great with unique beads.

POMP Beads is a Lagos-based Jewellery Design company that specializes in
making alluring handcrafted Jewellery with very detailed and exclusive designs for women with grace, candlelit glamour, class and sophistication.

At POMP Beads, we do not confuse cost with value but deliver jewellery at it's enviable best!

With POMP classical beads and wire jewelleries, the urge to buy starts with the eye and like it's with all classical beads, you never go unnoticed during your special occassions such as traditional weddings, birthdays, namings, corporate functions, Special family occasions, graduations,Mother's Day,and christenings etc. Jewellery is surely the accessory of choice for many of life's special occasions.

POMP’s vintage-inspired jewellery features a range of pieces designed with high quality bead stones such as flawless pearls, gemstones, crystals, sand-beads, corals and sparkling Swarovski elements.

Beadworks by POMP’s inspiration gravitates towards bead and wire jewellery because the simple techniques have infinite artistic applications and suggest an engaging or even hypnotic effect. We specialize in reusing vintage components in stylish one-of-a-kind design and aim to exceed our client’s expectations.

Looking for personal adornment or mementos of events throughout the year? We have exquisite reminders to everyone that now is always the right time to buy jewellery.

For all your exclusive jewellery pieces and prices, do not hesitate to contact us at

Whatsapp/Contact No: 08055449009.

*Home deliveries available in Lagos.

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