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Thursday, 19 March 2015

REVEALING: Sexy Pulane, @pulane248, speaks out after leaked nudes

Pulane Lenkoe has been a topic of discussion for over three days on Twitter with people tagging her the owner of the hottest nudes leaked lately.

The 31 year-old law student spoke to Times LIVE about her Twitter ordeal, explaining how her nudes
were leaked online by her ex-boyfriend out of anger following their break-up.

Pulane who is currently dating 26-year-old Orlando Pirates midfielder, Thandani Ntshumayelo,  apparently sent her nudes to her ex when the going was good.

"I'm literally shaking right now,” Pulane told Times LIVE.

“I don't want to deal with this. I just want it to go away. I wish I could just wake up and somebody tells me it's just a dream. I don't want all of this attention. Good Friday [is approaching], my goodness. I'm going to church. I don't want people looking at me like I'm some whore,” she said in the interview.

Pulane said Ntshumayelo advised her to "let it go", then added: "People who have been following me [prior to this saga] know that I wouldn't even put a picture of me in lingerie. That's my punani for the world to see, why would I do that? I'm not that girl."

Pulane’s Twitter account has jumped from 1000+ followers to over 21000 followers after the release of the images about 72 hours ago.

Comedian @Trevornoah  joked about the post when Kanye started tweeting nudes of Kim next day: "So Pulane starts trending and then Kanye tweets nudes of Kim? Why can't we just let other children shine?"

Don't you just foresee exciting days in court in the nearest future with sexy  Barr. Pulane? *winks*

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