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Monday, 12 December 2016

Nursing Mother And Wife To Gov Okowa’s SA Commits Adultery, Buys Goats And Other Items For Atonement

The legally married wife to one of the SAs to Governor Ifeanyi Okowa has allegedly committed adultery while still nursing a baby that is about five months old.

The woman who is from the part
of Delta State where committing adultery is a taboo was caught by her husband who insisted she goes to his family house for cleansing and atonement before he can take her back as his wife, our source revealed.

According to our source, the woman was seen this morning at the family house with items such as goats, yams, drinks and other items for the atonement.

Jovoflavour who called a family member of the cheated husband to confirm this story, was told that the woman confessed to have committed adultery with about three men.

Watch this space for the revelation of the man’s name after the whole atonement ceremony.

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