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Friday, 13 May 2016

Female Principal Who Lets Security Man Sleep With Female Students

So you think it is the responsibility of every parent and every adult to ensure that the children in their care are safe and secured? Let me introduce the Principal of Satellite Junior Secondary School, Lagos,  to you.

This is a very difficult story for me to tell because I am still reeling in shock from it all. It's grossly
unbelievable, but I'll try and share it.

My ward who schools in Satellite Junior Secondary School told me the most shocking story that froze my heart this week and I always prided myself as being unshockable.

According to her, all Prefects in her school are expected to get to school long before 7am and last week Tuesday, 3rd day of May, 2016, the Assembly Prefect named Victoria Ashite happened on the Security man named Peter, having sex with a female prefect in a classroom. She tried raising alarm but the security man and the girl begged her not to. By the way, Peter should be in his late 30s or early 40s.

The Assembly Prefect later met with the girl that was caught out with the security man who then confessed that she was the fifth girl among her friends who Peter has slept with and because they all dread Peter's long cane they allow him have sex with them in fear.

You see, Peter is not your ordinary school security man. He is popularly called Uncle Pee by the students and also doubles as the late-comers' nemesis. If you are late to school, you have Peter's long cane to answer to. If Peter thinks you are indisciplined, his long cane will be handy to straighten you.

I first encountered Peter two years ago when I went to register my ward in JSS 1. Two weeks into her resumption she told me about how Peter was calling her to meet him when I sent her to buy stuff from a nearby market but she ignored him. Next day, Peter saw her in school and asked her, "shebi you dey come this school? I call you yesterday and you dey make shakara abi? No worry."

Trust me, Wafi babe, immediately she told me, I sensed the red alert. Next day, I held her hand to school, like my mum used to do to me. I met Peter at the gate and asked him what was happening with him and my girl. He replied, 'I just call am when she dey pass and she no answer me".
"Oh, na im make you dey threaten am for school?" I queried.
"No o, madam. I just ask am why e no answer me when I call am." He tried defending.
"No try threaten am again o. She come school come learn no be to face your threat, you hear. Next time I hear say you harrass am, you die well be that."

I told my husband about it and later told my brother-in-law who was staying with me then and who knows Peter very well, about the development. Those two seemed to have heard more of Peter's escapades with school girls in the neighbourhood than me and they both equally warned him to steer clear off my ward.

Enough said about Peter and back to my story as narrated by my ward. Miss Victoria, nicknamed Wazobia FM who couldn't stomach all that she heard then headed to report what she saw to their Fine Art teacher, a particular Mr Adeyemi who did not do anything, she headed to meet the Basic Science teacher, Mrs Igundu who promised to warn 'Uncle Pee' because she's heard too many of these stories about him. Not satisfied, our dear Wazobi FM went on to meet Mr Sikiru, the Civic Studies and Education teacher, who forwarded the matter to the Principal, a FEMALE.

Emphasis is on female above because you would have thought mothers were made to protect their daughters from marauding beasts or perchance, you heard the earlier tale of the Queen's College alleged randy-male-teacher who had the protection of the female Principal and have refused to believe the possibility of that happening. Believe. It happens.

This particular Principal separated the females from the males during assembly the next day and sternly warned them that if she ever hears 'Peter do this' or 'Peter do that' outside the school, the student who talked would be sent out of her school, and that Peter did not do anything.

Initially, I didn't believe a Principal would go to such bizarre extent to protect a randy security man against her female students for whatever perverse reason so I set out to confirm.

I met a random girl coming from the school after school hours and asked her what happened in her school concerning Uncle Pee. She was scared to say a thing at first until I jokingly told her, "I don't know you, I don't know your name or the class you are, and between the two of us, this is not your real face, so feel free." She laughed and confirmed the Principal's threat to anyone who would talk about Peter outside.

My question is; what is wrong with us anyway? Why insist on turning a blind eye when such abominable things happen under your nose all because we want to protect our name and personal interest? Why are we such a nation of insipid hypocrites, pretending to be so morally upright in public and encouraging such heinous crimes against humanity in private that would make our ancestors turn in their graves. At best, the Principal may have just ended up driving more fear of 'Uncle Pee' into the female students' hearts instead of giving them a sense of pride.

She believed what Peter has been doing or is accused of doing is right but she knew it is wrong enough for students not to talk about it outside. And she threatened them to silence. So, once again, for the sake of a principal's personal interest and the need to protect her school image, all the female students in a school have to subject themselves to be pawns in a security man's chess game.

Lousy damage control attempt right there!

What amazes me is how she has been sleeping at night with the knowledge that she covers such heinous crime up as a mother herself and custodian of female students. Would she have made same attempt at covering up if the victimized girl was her own daughter. She can't convince me she doesn't know what she did is not just wrong but downright hideous. It would have been better if she had pretended and not talked about it at all than to threaten her students into silence. You hear about things that happen and you wonder how certain people were made.

The stories of sexual power relations such as this are many and they are not only encouraged or covered up by illiterate people either.

Peter is still 'securing' that school. He was there the day I drove past to take the above shaky picture of the school post. He still enjoys the immunity of the Principal and may still be doing some terrible things to the defenceless girls in the school.

My heart goes out to the female students that are victimized in that school and elsewhere. This is calling on the appropriate authority to go and help the defenceless girls in that school.

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